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We are Event - modeling - artistc - travelers - agency running in across Czech Republic and Sloviakia. New web on url www.CompanionCZ.COM very soon!

Ours references you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/companioncz

In our database are over 2700 nice girls and mens - profesionals  who want to help you find you right topic for your fun in Czech Republic and Slavakia. Our collaborators are ready visiting with you herritage of Prague and other places in Czech Republic as is Cesky Krumlov, South Moravia and lots of nice places in czech republic and Slovakia.

Because our team are full of sporters, dancers, travellers inteligent woman and man with huge overview of art, history, sports, culture, shared behavior and are ready to go with you to the mountains, river, cities,  undertake fun activities such as water sports, travel, relaxation and wellness stays where you do not have to be alone but the company will always accompany you. Can show you lots of local businesses and clubs where it lives.

Our service - companion is very popular and used, because it saves you a lot of worries and has knowledge of the local language and environment. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information on the very light number +420 608 987 000, where we will provide you with all the information and options You call to us FREE via WhatsApp as well. Or you cann send to us email on info@lascalaevent.com

Do not hesitate to ask us for an individual price offer. The price for ordering the 1 euro service is not the price of our service, but only the service fee for processing the offer.

#Best #Party #Prague
Best Party Prague

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