We offer you an option that has not been here yet. A completely unique concept that is really worth it! Have you ever thought to organize a social event "on your own"? Did you wish to have your own event agency, but did you hinder your finances? Our events are a concept! Our events are a concept! EVENTS that have juice!
LaScalaEVENT.COM is a very successful franchise concept for doing business in the field of organizing cultural and social events and events of all kinds. Under its wings are several brands that you get thanks to the license - www.Promoterky.COM, www.Promoterky.CZ, www.Rozlucka.COM,, Thanks to this and the connection of hundreds of business partners, you will get an incredibly extensive network of business partners in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also abroad. Thanks to this very well-developed structure, you will be able to draw a number of benefits and clients in the region will always be entrusted to you under your wings. Furthermore, thanks to the entire network, we can share events between other regions but also in the world, where we have our other business partners and franchisees. We have unique websites that thousands of people visit and a website where you can always find the event, including yours, and where the client can buy the event straight away and use our gateway payments in several currencies. Thanks to a huge database of people throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we have our own people at your disposal, which you can use for events within the franchise license at very discounted prices or even shopping that you will not get on the market. You will receive a gold number from us for use, which will always be listed for your region on the website, and clients can contact you directly. Our brand is growing rapidly and constantly and we have ambitions to enter other foreign markets. We have a really wide range of what we can arrange, look at the sections of services for companies and individuals, what we can manage for our clients.

Now and here we offer you a unique opportunity. Become our business partner and offer events under our brand! Regions are shrinking fast, so don't think long.

“Possibility of franchise partnership in a unique event project. We create a unique project in the field of Event Management, which has built a brand. This means that you can simply rely on the brand to make your business easier! "

Advantages we offer:

- a growing brand that is still evolving and you can rely on it

- the opportunity to try the business after a "defending period" for several months with a FREE license!

- Option to decide whether you want to take over the region as a Frenchiesant or if you will only lead the region as a branch. No one on our market offers this possibility.

- A unique site where events are advertised and has a high audience

- elaborated payment gateway in CZK, EUR, USD

- simple addition of events that will be immediately seen by thousands of people, not only in the Czech Republic, Slovakia but in other countries

- the website is now available in Czech and English and we are preparing other languages.

- own unique application for event phone

- a golden telephone number that everyone remembers well and is in a single row of numbers

- owns a modeling agency database with thousands of registered users for your events

- hostesses, models, social escorts, sports instructors, assistants, trainers and other staff

- We own over 500 of our own Facebook groups that are filled with people and with our logos. These groups are still filling and growing (that is, an advantage for your ads for FREE).

- we operate everything under one brand and in this way we are able to reach a large mass of people not only on the Czech and Slovak markets, but also abroad

- you save considerable funds for constant modernization of the website, its maintenance and fees associated with the operation of either the payment gateway or monitoring and adding event content.

We already have partners who are introducing the brand and preparing to enter the markets in eg England - London, Ireland, Germany and Austria.

We also have our own network of business partners and suppliers, from whom we buy large quantities at better prices.

Our website and facebook pages have an audience of thousand followers per week.

You can offer your partners advertising space, which will always be displayed at their events and, of course, at our events.

We have a unified series of numbers, in reality it means that you will receive a number from us, according to which they can easily find you in the region and can reach you.

Directly from Prague, where we have built a strong sales network, we will offer you our own orders in your regions. You will have plenty of orders ready from us.

The main advantages are saving initial investment in creating a quality website and advertising. And especially the background of the brand, which you can rely on, and which already operates nationwide.

For more information call +420 773 001 730 or write to